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Zhiping Pang, MD, PhD

Associate Professor of Neuroscience and Cell Biology

Email Zhiping


Postdoctoral Fellows



Dina Popova, PhD(University of Helsinki)


Matthew Scarnati, PhD, Rutgers University, NIH NIAAA T32 training fellowship

I received my BS in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry from Stockton College and later pursued my PhD in Neuroscience at Rutgers University. The primary objective of my work in the Pang lab is to employ induced neuronal cell (iN) technology to generate human neurons carrying allelic variants in the MOR to probe the interaction between alcohol and opioid signaling. Elucidation of how this gene variant affects alcohol sensitivity in a human neuronal context will provide novel mechanistic information about the involvement of opioid signaling in AUDs.


Qili Yu, PhD Rutgers University

I got my bachelors in Physics from the University of Science and Technology of China, and later pursued a PhD in Neuroscience at Rutgers University. I joined the Pang lab to develop optical sensors for neuropeptides and apply them to detect endogenous neuropeptide releases in the brain. In my spare time I like traveling, reading and hiking.

Ajay Reddy, M.D.

Clinical Fellow

Rutgers University-RWJ Medical School


Graduate Students


Vincent Mirabella

Graduate Student, MD/PhD Program, NIH NIMH F30 NRSA Pre-doctoral Fellowship


Andrew Boreland (NIH T32 Biotechnology training fellow)




Denise Robles (NIH T32 Biotechnology training fellow)

I am a Ph.D. student in Biomedical Engineering working with Drs. Pang and Jeffrey Zahn on a collaborative effort. Throughout my research career, my enthusiasm has been in the development of miniaturized technologies that closely model neurological systems and disorders. I previously graduated from the City College of New York with a bachelor’s degree with honors in Biomedical Engineering.




Le Wang (Gradaute Student, Central South University of China)

Hi this is Le a big fan of William Somerset Maugham and Marvel Cinematic Universe. My research interested in basic mechanism(s) of synaptic regulation in the mammalian brain and altered synaptic function associated with neuropsychiatric disorders.


Ishnoor Singh

I am a graduate student pursing MS in Biomedical Sciences at the RBHS. I majored in Neurosciences in my undergraduate from India, and my research interest is neurobiology




Undergraduate Research Assistants



Nidhi Desai, Rutgers University (Honors College)

Marisa Joel, Rutgers University




Jay Phansakar, Rutgers University (Honors College)

Jay Phansalkar is an undergraduate in the Honors College at Rutgers University, class of 2021. He is studying Cell Biology and Neuroscience, as well as Computer Science. Outside of school he is a volunteer EMT, a trumpet player, and a big New York Giants fan. He has been with the lab since June 2018.




Sarah D. Espineli, Rutgers University (Douglas College)



Yara Abbo,Rutgers University (Honors College)









  (Updated August 2019)


Previous Lab Members:  staff, rotation students and undergraduate students


Baijuan Xia, MD


Visiting Research Scholar

Guizhou Medical University, China

Current Position: Associate Professor, Guizhou Medical University

Jingjing Liu, PhD, City University of New York (CUNY)

Postdoctoral Fellow (2014-2019)

Current Postion:  Research Associate, NYU


Ji Liu, PhD

American Heart Associaton Postdoctoral Fellow, Academic Medical Center (AMC), University of Amsterdam, 2013

Rutgers University(2014-2019)

Current Postion:  Principal Investigator, University of Science and Technology of China



Apoorva Halikere, BA 

Graduate Student, PhD Program in Neuroscience, IGERT Fellow, NIH NIAAA F31 NRSA Predoctoral Fellow

Rutgers Univesity(2014-2018)

Current Postion:  Associate Medical Director, HealthLogiX

Nicola Francis, PhD

Visiting Researcher (2016-2018)

Rutgers University

Current Position: Research Associate, Rutgers University

Karen Hussein, MD


Neonatologist Fellow (2016-2018)


Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

Current Postion: Neonatologist, Maria Fareri Children's Hospital


Zihui Xu, MS


Research Assistant (2016-2018)

Carnegie Mellon University

Current Position: Resaerch assistant, Sen Yet-Sen University, China

Joseph Fantuzzo


Visiting Student (2015-2019)

Rutgers University

Current Position: Merch

Isadora Zhang


Undergraduate Student


University of Wisconsin

Aula Hamod, MS

Research Assistant


Rutgers University

Heather McGowan, PhD Student 2017

Medical Student at RWJMS

Email Heather


Michel Mikhail

Undergraduate Student

Rutgers University


Trevor Alston

Undergraduate Student

Rutgers University


Jennifer Ling

Undergraduate Student

Rutgers University


Haihua Zheng, RTS IV, Lab Manager

Child Health Institute of NJ



Undergraduate Student


Rutgers University


Lidia DeFilippis, PhD,

Visiting Scholarly Researcher

University of Milan in Milano, Italy



Abdulraouf Abdulraouf, Internship Student

Rutgers University


Julia Xia, Undergraduate Student in Cell Biology and Neuroscience,

Aresty Fellow at Rutgers

Email Julia


Nicola Mlynaryk, Undergraduate Student

Rutgers University

Graduate student, UCSD



Jeffrey D. Zahn, PhD, Visiting Associate Professor, Rutgers Biomedical Engineering

Sabbatical ended in Fall of 2015.


Aula Hamod, Graduate Student, Master Program in

Physiology, Rutgers University.  Returned home to Iraq in 2015.



Xuefeng Wang, Research Assistant, 2014

Returned to China, Email Feng


Sammy Othman, Aresty Fellow, Undergraduate Student, 2014

Rutgers University


Aziz Karakhanyan, 2014

Harvard Medical School, Neuroscience PhD Program



Yuefei Huang, Postdoc, 2013,



Benjamin (Ben ) Ethan Mansky, SURP fellow, Undergraduate Student, 2013,

Middlebury University. Graduate student at UCSF



Guohui Li

Arizona State University,

Graduate Student Neuroscience, PhD Program, 2013



Jessica Lukacs, Undergraduate Student, Rutgers University

University of Virginia Medical School, MD/MB Program, 2013



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